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Why Participate in Property Asia Exhibition?
Property and Real Estate Boom in Pakistan 
Here are some of the reasons why the prices of property and real estate in Pakistan are escalating at an unparalleled rate offering an unprecedented rate of return.

Growth in Economy
Pakistanis economy is growing Investment Property Commercial Real Estate Mortgages, modern new construction bungalows appartments condos home for sale, buy property dubai ajman uae malaysia pakistan real-estates financing opportunities asiaat an all time high record of 8.4% second highest pace in the world after China. Strong economic performance and rise in per capita income has created huge interest in investment options such as real estate and property.

Demand in the Housing Sector
The current demand for housing is estimated at 570,000 units vis-a-vis about 300,000 units being built annually, mostly in urban arrears. The housing backlog, estimated at 4.3 million units in 1998, has thus increased to around 6 million units in 2005 and likely to increase further. Thus, there is a lot of scope for heavy escalation in real estate business in Pakistan to meet this backlog.

Availability of low-interest home financing loans
Capital Investment is now available in Pakistan at record low rates with the financial institutions offering flexible multi-purpose loans on easy terms. Availability of low interest financing for houses has given a strong push to the demand for property and real estate in the Country.

Substantial Investment in Housing planned by the Government of Pakistan

An investment of Rs. 950 billion (US $ 16 billion) is envisaged in the Medium Term Development Framework (MTDF) for the development of housing during 2005-10. The investment by the government in the housing sector is expected to give a further boost to the investment by the private sector.

Development of Gwadar Port CityGawadar Port city residential commerecial projects, profitable real estate business opportunities asia
Gwadar, the mega cosmopolitan Port City of tomorrow, offers enormous prospects for construction and development of all types of properties, viz; industrial, commercial, residential, recreational, golf courses, shopping malls, a new International Airport etc. in the coming years. It is definitely destined to become the hub of investment, attracting investors from all over the world, specifically after award of Gwadar Port operation to Singapore Port Authority for the next forty (40) years.

Development of Real Estates astride Highways linking Gwadar
900 km length of under-construction Highway fro Gwadar to Rato Dero, together with the already commissioned 600 km long Makran Coastal Highway, offer immense potential for development of Industrial, Commercial, Residential & Recreational Real Estates astride these Highways.

Development of Real Estates astride Highways linking Gwadar
Burj al arab hotel Dubai, offshore onshore property market real estate investors brokers realtors potential property buyers join exhibition Property-Asia 2009 950 km length of under-construction Highway from Gwadar to Rato Dero, together with the already commissioned 600 km long Makran Coastal Highway, offer immense potential for development of Real Estates astride these Highways.

Announcement of 4th Sea Port at Sonmiani - Balochistan
The President of Pakistan while inaugurating the Gwadar Deap Sea Port, has announced 4th Sea Port at Sonmaini and extension of Makran Coastal Highway all along upto Iranian Border. A lot of investment in real estate & housing sector will soon be pouring in this region as well from all over the world.

Overseas Pakistanis looking for Investment options in Real Estates in Pakistan
Non - Resident Overseas Pakistanis are looking for safe & sound investment options in Property & Real Estates that offer security & good rate of return in Pakistan. Real Estate Builders & Developers from U.A.E., Malaysia, Singapore & Mauritius have gone into joint venture agreements with Pakistani entrepreneurs for Hi-Rises, Shopping Malls, Golf Courses, Villas, Recreation Resorts & Real Estate development all over Pakistan with tremendous response.

Investors from the Muslim World to attend PROPERTY ASIA Exhibition

Through the support of Islamic Chamber of Commerce and Industry, PROPERTY ASIA would be attended by members of the business community and other prospective buyers from OIC countries, thus, extending a unique opportunity to showcase the Real Estate Projects to a larger set of prospective investors.

Prosperous Pakistanis seeking Investment in Real Estate abroad

Quite a large number of Overseas Property Developers, Builders & Real Estate Agents from U.A.E. & Malaysia showcased and marketed their Projects in Build Asia with overwhelming response; PROPERTY ASIA has much more to offer. The Event is destined to become the “Foremost REAL ESTATE & PROPERTY SHOW of the Region.” The exploding economy coupled with the right set of policies being encouraged by the present Government is playing a pivotal role in the prosperity of Pakistanis. With more capacity to earn and invest, this class of Pakistanis is looking for options for investment in properties abroad as well.

The world has become a global village now. People have been willingly migrating to other countries or opting for a second home where better opportunities of entrepreneurship are available. Housing Schemes in Middle East, Far East, Australia & North America etc that opened their marketing offers to Pakistanis have seen huge success in the recent past. PROPERTY ASIA offers them good opportunity to select from overseas the projects to be showcased by the Overseas Real Estate Agents/ Developers/ Managers here.

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